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Colleges of education in India have not only witnessed quantitative expansion, but they have also started realizing the demand of quality. To respond to the demand of stakeholders effectively due to challenges of facilitating adjustments to the socio-economic and technological changes as well as meeting out individual needs for personal development and growth, this college is continuously striving to maintain the healthy teaching – learning environment on its campus. We provide quality education to meet the co-curricular requirement of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra and all norms and standards of National Council for Teachers Education, New Delhi. We, at Shivalik College of Education help the students to acquire additional skills along with contemporary knowledge, teamwork, leadership and cultural awareness, each of which is an essential quality  from the employer`s perspective. Our concerted effort is to help our students to groom into excellent teachers who can meet the requirement of today`s Hi-Tech system. I extend my heartiest welcome to all our students with the hope that they will enjoy their stay in the college.

I wish you good luck.


Dr. Sanjeen Panjeta
Shivalik College of Education


Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
Shivalik College of Education started functioning in July 2007 with the initial intake of 100 students in B Ed course. At present, there are 200 students (2 units of 100 students each). In 2008 the college also started D.Ed (JBT) with the intake of 50 students, thus enlarging our ability to serve the society and public at large.BEd. At the Shivalik group of Education Education forms one of the main foundations for the growth of a country. If the educational policies are not sound,  there  will  be  no  skilled  teachers  and  the  entire  educational  edifice  will  collapse.  For this reason, Shivalik College offers BEd course to enhance the teaching abilities of teachers. The content of this course is  such  that  it  develops  the  skills  and  widens  the  understanding  so  that  a  teacher  can  impart  quality education  to  his  students.  The  course  lays  stress  on  inculcating  the  right  altitude  so  as  to make  the teacher­students skilled m coming up with innovating teaching techniques. The teacher­students become more  competent  in  understanding  psychological  principles  of  growth  and  development  and individual differences of the students they leach. There is a separate section in this course where you learn to guide the  children  and  counsel  them  in  solving  their  personal  and  academic  problems.  Teachers  play  a very important  role  in  a  student?s  life.  It's  the  teacher  who  guides  the  students  through  career.  So  it  is  very significant to be adequately equipped with resources that will create the teacher an ideal role model to the students.  To  achieve  this,  D  Ed  (JBT)  &  B  Ed  courses  were  introduced,  which  will  teach  a  person  about teaching  and  the  different  aspects  associated  with  it.  The  College  has  excellent  and experienced faculty with spacious class rooms and an excellent library as per the required standards with following objectives:

  • To  open  professional,  technical,  management  &  teacher's  educational  institutions  and  other institutions of Art & Craft, Fashion & Apparel Designing, Computer Education etc.To  provide  free  medical  facilities  to  poor  section  of  society  by  opening  of  Charitable  Hospital  and arranging medical camps.
  • To teach the students with the latest and modern techniques of educational practices from day Care centres  to  Degree  classes  by  opening  and  managing  cr?ches,  schools  and  colleges  at  different places.
  • To collaborate   and   cooperate   with   other   professional   bodies,   Trusts,   Institutions   and Universities for upliftment of society through education.
  • To arrange moral lectures, seminars, for all round development of the personalities of children, young and old people.
  • To arrange welfare programs for women for the overall development of the world fold and also to open destitute homes and to help the needy poor women and orphan.
  • To open Old Age House for old people & to serve them.
  • To open institutions for Handicaps, Deaf & Dumb.
  • To provide scholarships to the needy and the deserving students.

The State of art infrastructure has been provided in the labs of the college & there exists a library.

  • ET Lab
  • Psychology Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Language Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Mathematics Lab
  • Art & Craft Room
  • Chalk Board Room
  • PTA Room
  • Music Room
  • SS Lab
  • Audio­Visual Lab
  • Work Experience/Activity Room

Feedback System: The college has a 360­degree feedback mechanism for enhancing quality and excellence in various services
being  provided.The  360­degree  feedback  includes  self­appraisal,  student  assessment  of  teachers,  andfeedback  from  academic  peers,  faculty  and  management.  The  institution  uses  feedback  to  improve  the teaching learning process and college functioning.The emphasis of the programme is developmental, aimed at assisting and motivating individuals to attain their maximum potential so as to increase efficacy of the
educational system. Each appraiser ensures that the evaluation process is conducted objectively. 

Practicum: A novel feature of the college is the organisation of a daily practicum period in which workshops, seminars, discussions,  demonstration  teaching,  team  teaching,  action  research  and  other  activities  of  outside  the classroom nature are organised.

ICT in Teaching Learning: The college makes extensive use of ICT for preparing academic teaching plans and updating the teaching content.  Besides,  the  use  of  ICT  in  the  college  is  also  made  in  the  curriculum  transaction.  ICT  usage  is emphasized  in  the  curriculum  to  an  extent  where  its  usage  becomes  a  habit  for  students  and  faculty members in their daily routines. One of the academic objectives of the college is to teach at least 30% of the curriculum through ICT for which the faculty members have prepared detailed power point presentations on various topics.Orientation programmesarealso organized to acquaint and train the faculty and the students in the use of ICT from time to time. 

2 Years

Eligibility Criteria
He/She should have passed Bachelor?s Degree or equivalent with at least 50% marks in aggregate.