Approved by AICTE,
Affiliated to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Rules and Regulations

Disciplinary misconduct constitutes but not limited to one or more of any of the following acts, and any student found guilty of disciplinary misconduct shall be liable for severe disciplinary action besides the action imposed under any law or regulation in force:

  • Physical assault or threat to use physical force, against any staff member or against any student;
  • Carrying of, possession, use of, or threat of use of or abetting the use of any kind of weapons including sticks, rods, guns, swords, etc. and any kind of firework, crackers or any other explosives or anything which are barred by the Institute and/or the law;
  • Misbehavior or cruelty towards any other student, teacher or any other employee;
  • Possession, use of or dealing with or abetting the use of any kind of intoxicating material including alcohol, drugs of any kind, gutka, tobacco, cigarettes or any other sedative materials or anything, except those prescribed by a qualified doctor;
  • Any violation of the provisions of the Civil Rights Protection Act, 1976 or any other law for the time being in force;
  • Indulging in or encouraging violence or any conduct which involves moral turpitude;
  • Any form of gambling;
  • Discrimination against any student or a member of staff on grounds of caste, creed, religious language, place of origin, social and cultural background or any of them;
  • Practicing casteism and untouchability in any form or inciting any other person to do so;
  • Any practice-whether verbal or otherwise derogatory of women;
  • Behaving in a rowdy, intemperate or disorderly manner in the premises as the case may be, or encouraging or inciting any other person to do so;
  • Forming, joining or associating or attaching with or continuation of being member of, or inciting others to, form or join or associate or attach with or continue to be a member of, an association, union, forum, group etc. the objects or activities of which are prejudicial to the interest of the Institute or public order, decency or morality;
  • Engagement or participation or inciting others to participate in any demonstration prejudicial to the interest of the Institute or public order, decency or morality or that involves contempt of court, defamation or incitement to an offense;
  • Resorting to or, in any way, abet any form of walk out, mass cut, strike, agitation, campaigning, etc. or any other form of protest in connection with any matter pertaining to study or otherwise, in and outside the Institute.
  • Any attempt at bribing or corruption in any manner;
  • Any attempt or threat to commit suicide or likewise or abetting or inciting any other person to commit suicide or anything unwarranted and/or prohibited by law or otherwise;
  • Willful destruction or any damage caused to the property of the Institute either alone or jointly with others;
  • Creating ill-will or intolerance on religious or communal grounds or inciting any other student to do so;
  • Causing disruption in any manner of the academic or other functioning of the system of the Institute.
  • Disobeying the instructions of teachers or the authorities;
  • Any sort of unwanted gestures, postures, expressions, movements, comments, actions etc. made towards any student, employee or person, in or outside the Institute campus.
  • Indulging in or encouraging any form of disruptive activity connected with tests, examinations or any other activity of then Institute.
  • Truancy and unpunctuality;
  • Giving publicity through any statement or demonstration or otherwise in any form to misleading accounts or spreading a rumor, amongst the students, employees or otherwise, about the Institute.
  • Outbursting or giving any statement or disclosing any information or such like thing to/for any media (including any print media, radio broadcast or telecast or through Internet or announcements or posters, pamphlets or any other way) or public regarding the matters pertaining to the study of the student himself or other students or any other matters related to the Institute;
  • Employing the name of the Institute and of any of their constituents or their emblem or seal or material or any of its graphic identification symbols or abbreviations or likewise, anywhere, to endorse or promote individual enterprises or to enhance private gain or otherwise;
  • Collecting any money from any student or any employee for any purpose including donations, contributions/gathering without the written approval of the Institute;
  • Breach of faith and/or any conduct on the part of student which is prejudicial to the interest of the Institute;
  • Ragging/indiscipline/misbehavior/hooliganism etc. within or outside the precincts of the Institute; and Any other act which in the judgment of the competent authority calculated to lead to misconduct or indiscipline or malpractice or likewise in the Institute.
  • A student shall conform to high standards of discipline and shall conduct himself, within and outside the premises of the Institute, in a manner benefitting the student and the Institute.
  • He/She shall have the seriousness of purpose and shall in every way train himself/herself to lead a life of earnest endeavor and co-operation.
  • To safeguard its ideals of scholarship, character, and personal behavior, the Institute reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student at any time for any reason deemed sufficient.
  • The Head of the department can impose minor punishments, suspension from Institute pending the inquiry by a committee and vacation of hostels.Major punishments such as expulsion from the Institute, withdrawal of candidature from appearing in Institute examination shall be executed by Director/Principal on the recommendation of the disciplinary committee.
  • Students and their parents / representatives are forbidden from addressing the trustees or the members of the board directly.
  • Consumption of Non-Vegetarian food, alcohol or any other intoxicant and smoking etc. is strictly prohibited in the institute as well as hostels. The guilty students shall be liable for punishment and disciplinary action which may include expulsion/ suspension from the institution or hostel or imposition of fine or all of them.


To inculcate a sense of simplicity, uniformity and equality in the minds of students, they are required to wear institute uniform
i.  All Days except Wednesday.
ii. On Formal Functions of the Institute.
iii. On Industry institute interaction / Educational tours.

The prescribed uniform is as follows:     

BOYS (Winter): White Shirt, Black Blazer bearing Institute's logo and  black leather shoes.
Summer: White open collar and half/ tucked up sleeves shirt, Black trousers, Institutes' Neck Tie and Black Leather Shoes
* Turban for Sikh Boy Students to be worn on all days.

GIRLS (Winter) : White Shirt,White Salwar / Black Trousers, White Dupatta / Institute's Neck Tie, silver gray Blazer bearing Institute's logo and Black Leather Shoes/ Sandals. 
Summer: White Shirt, White Salwar / silver gray Trousers, White Dupatta / Institute's Neck Tie, Black Leather Shoes/ Sandals.
* High Heels not allowed
Workshop Uniform: While in the Institute's workshop, every student must wear Navy Blue Danger both from the point of view of safety and efficiency.


Institute's library remains open from 9:00 AM to 5:00PM during the academic session. In times of examination, the timings are extended to 7.00 PM for the convenience of students. To get enrolled as a library member, the student shall fill up and sign the enrollment form. He/She shall get it recommended from the principal/Director of the institution. The students shall be authorized to draw 03 books from the library at a time for one week only. All the books on loan shall be returned on or before the due date otherwise an overdue charge will be levied as a) Rs.3/-per day for the first-week b).Rs.5/-for the remaining period


  • Every student is supposed to get plastic Identity Card. In this connection, a notice will be issued from the office regarding authorized Photographer.
  • The photographer is available in the institute on all the days in Workshop block.
  • Every student must be in possession of Identity card with him/her. Failure to produce the identity card on demand of the competent authority will lead to disciplinary action/ imposition of fine.
  • Loss of identity card must be reported to Director/Principal immediately and a new card is obtained within a week.
  • The fee for the replacement will be same as the cost of the first identity card.


  • A student must be regular and punctual in attendance. 
  • If a student remains absent from the Institute without leave continuously for two weeks, his/her name will be struck off the Institute rolls.
  • He/She may be readmitted on the payment of readmission fee and penalty. He/She will not be allowed to attend the classes till he/she is readmitted.
  • A student must fulfill the requirement of attendance as laid down by the university, minimum 75%, failing which, he/she will be detained from appearing in the university examinations.